Relocation Planned: Bur Dubai Hindu Temple Set to Close, Shift to Jebel Ali by January 2024


The historic Hindu temple in Bur Dubai, constructed at the end of the 1950s, has served as a revered place of worship for Hindus residing in the country since its inception. Over the past decades, it has welcomed thousands of worshippers. However, preparations are underway for its closure within a few weeks.

The 60-year-old Hindu temple in Bur Dubai is scheduled to relocate its services to a new location in Jebel Ali starting Wednesday, January 3, 2024. As the transition unfolds, worshippers are being directed towards the new Hindu temple established in Jebel Ali back in 2022.

Notices have been prominently displayed at all entry points of the Shiv temple in Bur Dubai, officially announcing the relocation to Jebel Ali. The notice explicitly states, “We hereby inform all our devotees that as of Wednesday, January 3, 2024, this temple will be relocated to our new Hindu temple in Jebel Ali.”

Built towards the end of the 1950s, the temple in Bur Dubai has remained a significant place of worship for Hindus residing in the United Arab Emirates ever since. This relocation marks a significant change in the landscape of religious centers in the region.

The decision to move the temple reflects a transition in the community’s religious landscape and aims to provide a renewed space for worship and spiritual connection for Hindu devotees in Jebel Ali.

This relocation signifies a chapter closing for the historic temple in Bur Dubai and the beginning of a new phase in Jebel Ali, where worshippers will continue their spiritual practices and religious observances. As the doors of the temple in Bur Dubai prepare to close, the community eagerly anticipates embracing the fresh beginnings at the new location in Jebel Ali.

The relocation process is being carefully orchestrated to ensure a seamless transition for worshippers, with the hope that the new temple in Jebel Ali will continue to serve as a hub for spiritual solace and communal gatherings for generations to come.

As the countdown begins for the closure of the iconic Hindu temple in Bur Dubai, it marks not just an end but a promising new beginning for the community in Jebel Ali—a transition filled with anticipation, reverence, and the promise of continued spiritual fulfillment for all devotees.


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